Fact: I don't use half the apps on my itouch b/c I can't listen to my music


Joined Nov 13, 2009
This is a pet peeve of mine to the nth degree. I hate when there's a dopeass app that doesn't allow my music to continuing playing. It irks me so much. Like shouldn't it be common sense to have this feature for all apps? I understand wanting to highlight the app's sounds and *+%, but there should at least be an option to play your own music. Some of these apps, don't even have that option.

Who's with me?
Joined Feb 7, 2008
most apps ive used allows me to click a button saying, do you still want to continue playing your music, or something along that lines
Joined Sep 24, 2006
Yea its pretty annoying when they automatically cut off your music when you open some apps...

I feel as if they should always ask when they notice music playing...
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