Fakes everywhere here in Detroit

May 17, 2005
It's seem everywhere u go in detroit some liquor store ,some check cashing place,some menswear store u see fake af1's and especially jordans and i'm and getting tired of it.I look at someone feet and I see fakes on them and it's either they don't know or don't care Holla at me on this let me know about some of your fake experiences. :smh:
ooh, fakes are killing me. i'm from detroit, jr. (flint) and every gas station on the north end (the 'hood) sells fakes. my ueber-ghetto cousin is even buying fakes for her son. he knows i'm into shoes, so he's always bringing them to me and and wanting me to tell him how hot they are. i feel sorry for the lil' fella.
hail to the victors, baby.
Stores inside of malls around the area are selling fakes.......Northland..athletes foot (fakes everywhere) ....and here is the story...

I was looking for the new penny 1's and no one had them, I walked into athletes foot and they had a pair with orange on it....the new ones are all white/black/blue....I ask the short dude "did these just come out?" he said yes...and I almost crapped my pants.....and they sell jordans early for $50 over retail.....I am blowing them up cuz they need to get shut down...
Haters Need To Hate Harder!!
^ AF is supposed to be a legit mom & pop?? The J's are real that they carry, thats bammer that they had some fake Penny's though.

I was messed up the other weekend. One of my boys is telling me I can get J's for under $100,I knew it had to be fakes but he was swearing up and down that they're legit. So, I decided to go check it out with him and this shop has to be the most flooded store with fakes I've ever seen. Man, I felt like barfin' seeing all those freakazoid looking shoes, bapes, af1's name it they had it in every color of the rainbow. ..yuck.. ppl just don't know.
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