FASHION EXPERTS: Dress shirts with button collar?

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Is it proper to wear a tie with a dress shirt with a button collar?

Because I love button collars.

Where can I buy some? Preferably not online.



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I'm pretty sure he means an Oxford shirt. Yes, you can wear a tie with it.
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Nah, I think he's talking about dress shirts with actual buttons on the collar that pin the collar down so it won't move.

Quote from some Men's fashion website.
The problem with button-down collars? They can't be worn with everything. They have a sportier appeal that works well with a blazer and without a tie. Whether you're wearing the traditional button-down collar shirt or the style with subtle hidden buttons, remember that this kind of shirt should never be worn with a double-breasted jacket and rarely looks good when worn with ties.
Edit: and I was totally wrong.
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it depends what kind of tie you wear.

if you get a casual looking tie, it's fine.

if you're asking this, you're probably thinking about a silk tie. Don't do it.
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silk tie comment was the truth. it would be easier to show examples of what types of ties should and shouldn't be worn. basically a 'nice' tie or a'shiny' tie isn't proper for an oxford. Oxfords are for more of a casual look; they are acceptable to be worn with jeans, khakis, chinos etc.
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I think the general view on Oxfords is that they are "preppy". Bold-striped aka "J. Crew" ties would fit. For example:

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^ they are certainly 'trad'. looks good with a tie and navy blazer, but you can wear a button-down shirt with a suit and tie if it's a prettyconservative overall look - i would't recommend one with a windowpane suit and robert talbott tie. a knit tie, or a silk one that's solid or a reppstripe would work exceptionally well.
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SFN 155 is right, but it shirts with button down collars are generally referred to as Oxford shirts.

I would agree that they are more casual. And when you button an Oxford shirt down, it doesnt leave you with much space for a tie knot. Therefore I suggestwearing these with a four-in hand knot or maybe a half windsor. But definately not a full windsor knot. The four in hand knot usually will give you a smalltight knot that fits between the buttons. Windsor and Double windsor knots look better with Spread collar shirts.

Another suggestion would be to wear an Oxford with a 2 1/2" width tie instead of a 3 1/2" that has more fabric. But really, either would work.

I would give pics, but I am at work. Use google or click the links.

Oxford shirt with Four-in hand knot

Spread collar with Windsor knot

If someone is bored, they can embed the pics.
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Originally Posted by justhotkicks

I think the general view on Oxfords is that they are "preppy". Bold-striped aka "J. Crew" ties would fit. For example:

J Crew got some nice ties though for real

Picked up 2 new ones from the JC outlet the other day for a wedding
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I believe button downs could look business-like without looking too casual.
I think it gets that negative image because it is usually in a stripe or plaid (square) patterns.
But there are designs out there that would work well with it.

Example, this pattern looks pretty casual and the tie doesn't go with it.
The color is too bold and out there.
If it were a knitted tie, then it would look great though.

But with this one, I believe it works.
It is simple, clean and any ties would work with it.
Partner this up with a khaki cotton suit or an orphaned suit and your on the money.
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Also, Brooks Brothers are havin a good sale on their non-iron shirts at 2 for $99.
It's only for 2 days though, May 21-22.
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