Favorite Songs/Lyrics In Relation To Kicks

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Not sure if this has been done already or if it's in the right place, but what are your fav songs/lyrics that talk about sneakers?

I like Wale's verse on Fitted Cap...
"Yeah, uh
Ferrari mics, %*%+!, I’m on my car show
My chick black and white, she ain’t no dime, that %*%+! a Concorde
11 know I’m reppin’ this, shoot and I don’t ever miss
The coupe I’m in is rented, I ain’t wit’ all that commitment %!*$
P-R-Ps is proper, couple Gs when I’m shoppin’
My girls and my SBs, got a thing for pink boxes
Shout out Frankie the Butcher, shout out Mishka in Brooklyn
That’s some #*+*% from 10.deep ATL, I’m wit’ the cooker
I ain’t e’en tryin’, fool, ho, I ball like private school
You bammas like Hyperstrikes, your wifey sleep outside of you
And Tito’s my +$@%$*, you know just we just need more %!*$ and
It’s ironic how I drop some dough when I got them Homer Simpsons, look
Pine-green Foams, they may never see the store
Got LeBron Entourages like Maverick and Richie Paul
%*%+!, I ball, ho, you lame, look at my Laneys, switchin’ lanes
Look at my 9s, look at my Blazers, look at my 4s, cut wit’ laser
Look at my +%+@#, that is your lady, look at my flo’, makin’ y’all crazy
Makin’ y’all sick, y’all cannot tame me, Lexus drive me, Maybach pay me
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