FEAR, what do you fear ? What makes you anxious, on nerves ? What provokes you a second state ?

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Everything is in the title, I was curious about knowing people's fears.

Personally I have at least 7 ones :

- Losing important things like keys, smartphone, so I make too many checks and it's exhausting, but I feel if I don't I would lose something
- Getting robbed - we were burglarized when I was a kid, so each time I hear something at night I wonder if it's an animal or what
- Getting burned - I saw an adult with a burnt face still as a kid, and I would be dead without somebody's vigilance : last year my neighbours were going outside to see friends and they let a cigarette end...
As someone saw the consequences of this, she called the fire brigade and they did what they did, so, I'm good. But I have been fearing this way before, and I think I was also fearing my fire passion, as a kid I loved to put wood in fireplace, and #### like that...
- Diabetes
- Cholesterol
- Losing a job, can't find another, become homeless without no one to help me
- Never have kids and regret it till I die

And that's not like it was the most common thing but when I read the news about acid attacks, I don't feel comfortable at all...

In fact the most I think the most I have :lol: It's easy to fear quite anything when you think about it, so my advice would be : don't think !

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Irrational fears:
- The HIV
- Snapping my leg(s) in half while jogging
- Being wrongfully convicted for a crime and sentenced to prison
- Spiders, namely any of the ultra, aggressively deadly ones in straya. And brown recluses

- Losing my marbles and ending up homeless
- Not being able to make it home to my kids
- Being too old or frail to wipe my own a s s or take care of myself

Not really worried about much else
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Being on the highway and lost or going in a direction that you don’t want to go but you can’t get off.

also people
Yes people too as human is not really so predictable as there's a lot of crazyness in many of us, so hard to imagine where are the limits of each one if you have a problem with someone...
I feel better when I'm lonely, most of dangers come from humans and their tendancies to destroy
And when you're lonely you have no contraints, you just can be yourself 100 % no compromise
Relationship with people most easy when you don't have to frequent them, virtual the easiest, or superficial ones too, like just say "hello", and even for just saying "hello" you can encounter people that stares at you without saying it, which I never understood. I'm not staring at people, but if I had to I would say hello, it's way to disrespectful and provocant

Being lost, as I have no sense of direction, I can relate too :lol:



Stuff that happens in Final Destination.
Same for the 2 ones, even if I didn't see Final Destination, the macabre version of "what if" is sometimes in my mind...
Like seeing someone being stabbed or #### like that, and I would even fear my reaction.
Tetanized, running, or catching the attacker ?
I would like to say the third one but I guess 1 or 2, I hope between the 2 ones I would be able to run at least and call for some help.
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Had a coworker die from some idiot trying to run from the cops. Plowed right into her car going 70+ while she was just minding her business at a stop sign. Took her father too. Her son and her mom was in the car as well. She woke up losing her husband and her child. The idiot who did this lived just fine which adds to my anger.

this happened about a year ago last thanksgiving. Ever since then I’ve had an irrational amount of fear of seeing my boys for the last time as I leave to go to work or just leaving them in general. Always hug them like it’s goodbye. It’s an odd feeling and I almost have to talk myself out of it.
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Mark Antony

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It’s good to hit rock bottom once. You’ll learn some ****.
Cliche but there's only upward mobility from there. Most times I actually had to face my fears there was nothing waiting for me on the other side, just dealt with it and move on. Shout out to Will Smith and Jamie Foxx.
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Cliche but there's only upward mobility from there. Most times I actually had to face my fears there was nothing waiting for me on the other side, just dealt with it and move on. Shout out to Will Smith and Jamie Foxx.
it’s all true though. You gotta get familiar with being uncomfortable and learn to love it.

it could apply to anything, getting sober, learning a new skill, your relationships.

and yeah once you get that low, you don’t even want to go back and will do anything to prevent it.
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Don’t know if this fits the thread lol but

Nothing used to make me more nervous than leaving my phone was leaving my phone around my girl for a long period of time (I was living foul). Would hop off the toilet mid-poop and all

also “we need to talk” . I hate hearing that , from anybody . Gets me super anxious and I always feel bad . Especially if I done something wrong , my heart literally drops in my stomach
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Used to know someone which has assisted younger at a terrible scene at beach. There was some wind and a beach umbrella wasn't planted correctly. So, with the wind, it just killed someone in front of him.

I also knew someone else, as a kid, which was waiting for the train. An adult asked her what time it was then he committed suicide in front of her.

A lot of women I knew told me about attouchements, rapes or having been beaten.

I was told about some youngers which were partying and then they woke up naked in middle of nowhere.

There are things you lived, things your people telling you, things you heard from a close circle, the news...

A lot of sordid #### so it's hard to not become insane...

EDIT : About falling down it might help sometimes, that's true, it did for me with alcohol, I didn't drink a lot, but it wasn't just for me so when I did I sometimes had those moments of thinking when you're kind of out of your body and examine the scene and know this is the last time. I haven't drink in years even if I still have some bottles at home. I just retried once in a very little quantity, and that's all, that wasn't even pleasant. So, no alcohol for me.
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uneducated white people
crowds of people
being touched (this was irrational before covid)
For moths and butterflies I could imagine, I find butterflies disgusting, they could be beautiful in videos but that's all...
Crows of people, 100 % with you, I hate people, I like individuals, not the mass
Not trying to make it a big deal but I would have just say uneducated people, why specifically Whites ? You mean racists ?
Before Covid and since ever I hated to be touched or to touch anyone, especially men, more precisely the ones who look old or dirty.
Young, clean, handsome men, it's not the same.
It's like about when someone homo likes you, I used to be uncomfortable with some old or dirty (or both of them) men, but if a handsome man find me good, as long as he is passive and young, I take it as a compliment, very specific :lol:
I don't feel it like a menace as long as he is not active and young lol
For me touching is about you and your woman, your kids if you have, and that's all. But touching people which are not your familly or friends, nope. Even friends I wouldn't touch. But I can understand they touch each other. It's like eating in front of someone. I'm a lonely man. If I have to eat with someone, I better appreciate the person. Or I don't. Like an animal :lol:
As you're "vulnerable" when you eat. I have no kids but if I have, I do know I would love them but I do not know if I would succeed to prove it by gestures. As it's not my thing. So, chatty side, no problem. Even too much. But gestures ? Don't know. I use gestures only when I'm with a woman. Single I don't.
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Fear / anxiety:
1) Having to work forever just to live
2) Medical bankruptcy
3) Loneliness

1 and 2) Constantly feel like one eye is always on the future. Gotten much better about this the past decade but it’s deep seeded and still hits me here and there. I just handle it better instead of feeling overwhelmed. Grew up poor and hate that feeling.
Overcompensated in college and balled out and got into a lot of debt. Took 10-12 years and hitting rock bottom to work through that to get back to equilibrium. Can’t explain how much better day to day feels without that debt anchor dread overhanging on me.

3) Tough one because i don’t have that sense of community. Parents left the homeland and we came here as immigrants. Have some great friends of course but i’ve always wanted to live in a town where i had a lot of male cousins (have zero here growing) and we’re all good friends. It’s too late for this but have always had deep seeded resentment for being pulled out of that and brought to America and having to grow up without that. Still working through this one because the general way of life in America - independence and self reliance for everything - it’s draining. The actual fear is getting older and having less and less meaningful relationships apart from my wife and eventually kids. Staying connected with friends seems harder and now all family are adults so it’s not the same as having that as kids historical closeness bond.

That’s deep seeded stuff. Overall life is good and have had a decade long shift of mentality to a more healthy control or focus on what you can impact directly and forget about the rest perspective most of the time.
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Ya know, I wanted to include a bunch of **** that inhibits fight-or-flight, but I can only articulate aspects that make my anxiety (type of fear?) shoot way up to include:
1. Co-dependency - originates from family; describes my parents' relationship with each other and their children (adopted and biological).
2. Apathy - more family stuff
3. Homeownership - large debt scares the mess out of me; also, coming to the realization I may not get to live somewhere else; would love to live/work in Chicago, but job prospects are all DC-centric (fed contracting).
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Not a damn thang

Edit: I thought of one thing. Being a victim in a hit and run
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im not scared of being a father but i worry about all the decisions that affect the child's growth and development.
im scared of the process of becoming a father too. i read all these things that could harm the potential baby and it worries me. i also work in a children's hospital so i everyday i see kids born with some type of congenital disease and that scares the **** out of me. i also see the most random heartbreaking freak accidents that happen with children and it also scares the **** out of me.
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For moths and butterflies I could imagine, I find butterflies disgusting, they could be beautiful in videos but that's all...
Crows of people, 100 % with you, I hate people, I like individuals, not the mass
Not trying to make it a big deal but I would have just say uneducated people, why specifically Whites ? You mean racists ?
Uneducated/crazy people in other races don't have as much power.

It's like that Bill Burr skit where he was like "thank God all that craziness and ego in Kanye West is in a black guy", that's how I feel about uneducated idiotic white people. If it were black person the amount of harm that could be done with that stupidity is mitigated.

Most of my fear of birds is because of pigeons (filthy creatures), im actually ok with crows and owls from a distance of admiration cause I hear they are smart. Maybe I SHOULD be more terrified of them. But f%%$ pigeons, especially those disrespectful NYC ones who don't understand boundaries. :smh:
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