FEAR, what do you fear ? What makes you anxious, on nerves ? What provokes you a second state ?

Aug 21, 2010
Worst feeling I went through was getting fired. After they gave me my last check, went and sat in the patio area of a Starbucks for about 3 hours. The feeling of not knowing what I was going to do was terrifying. Luckily that only lasted about a day. I quickly snapped out of it and put together a game plan.
Mar 19, 2013
I don’t have too many fears but...

- Big heights (Taller than 2 stories)
- Rattlesnakes
-Unwanted pregnancy

Nov 5, 2015
Uneducated/crazy people in other races don't have as much power.

It's like that Bill Burr skit where he was like "thank God all that craziness and ego in Kanye West is in a black guy", that's how I feel about uneducated idiotic white people. If it were black person the amount of harm that could be done with that stupidity is mitigated.

Most of my fear of birds is because of pigeons (filthy creatures), im actually ok with crows and owls from a distance of admiration cause I hear they are smart. Maybe I SHOULD be more terrified of them. But f%%$ pigeons, especially those disrespectful NYC ones who don't understand boundaries. :smh:
I'm mixed with crows, eating dead of your own species is disturbing, but purely about their aspect I find them elegant - says the guy who loves black color ^^ - they don't disgust me like vultures would

And about crows it's good to keep in mind the only time they might eat you you would feel nothing lol

I fear to be cremated or earthen, or to be given to Science

I don't fear to become crazy, but I could fear to not be aware about it, and I fear to be internee in psychiatric hospital or prison, or to finish my life in bad health in a hospital

And I fear to can not count on anyone if I got a problem

Also fear to fail my life, especially my private life, as I think having a wife and children would be good for me
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