FedEx Delivery Question vol. 22321

Joined Oct 15, 2009
when i first got my tracking number; the estimate delivery was Sep 12 (today).

I was tracking my package online today and seen the travel history last activity as "in transit." the location is in my area.

well it is about 10 pm now and i don't see my package nowhere nor a note from fedex at the door. I was at school but people where home from 12 to now (not sure if they heard the door bell or not).

this is the first time that fedex didn't ship to me on the estimate shipping date and "in transit" activity.

has anyone experience this before? let me know what is the problem and the solution. thanks.
Joined May 5, 2011
That's a common status with all carrier services. You'll most likely get your package tomorrow....
Joined Oct 15, 2009
late night bump..

should i call them to check on tracking progress? i searched some reviews about fedex delivery and some of them were bad.
Joined Oct 3, 2008
If you don't get it today call them & see where your package is, you might have to pick it up from your local Fed Ex if they came to your house already.
Joined Jun 1, 2011
not common with fedex express at all. everything is in real time and they pride themselves on your pkg getting there as it states. now if it's fedex ground then that's a another story. your pkg may be lost/stolen #ijs
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