Fellas, What's Your Shoe Choice for a Night out in Town?

Joined Jan 21, 2008
I need some suggestions. Currently, I'm working with a pair of black Boss loafers, very comfortable and can where them for both work and play, but I need some more additions. Just looking for ideas, so I'd like to see what you guys wear or recommend when you're hitting a club or lounge.
Joined Mar 13, 2004
anything comfortable that I wouldn't be upset if someone stepped on them, or if there was a spill.
Joined Jun 1, 2007
My Vans Del Barcos.

Sole gets dirty? Clean it with some Magic Eraser and I'm straight for the next night!
Joined Sep 1, 2007
My gf got me these for Christmas in '08. I never wore anything like them before, but now they are part of my attire when I go out.
/product_url?q=<a href=/www.shoebuy.com/cgi-bin/sbref.cgi%3Flink%3Dfrooglelist%26path%3Dstacy-adams-veer-24529%252F326464%252F698445&fr=AGyBGnSkIlFIz_owtfeometTYNOdsWqcpSHTK1ZfT80nOJK3JN3wJsVcXBazEbCu095QQkN4KBBhYxCDEn4P-Gf7ilP_jqWHzxeEotv44Lk3mHISOh5oQ88nxsWVh-0wK6iHK_s1Cv2yQAbdICnEcv8M4FhLdRYZU-UD_ixXvsHZ19s4olrWZkXVr-qgalqLmQAAAAAAAAAA&gl=us&hl=en&sa=image&ei=G03LS6X0I4akM7rcvYUJ&ved=0CBoQ9gIwBDgA">http://www.shoebuy.com/cg...UJ&ved=0CBoQ9gIwBDgA">

I love these Helly Hansens b/c I can get in any club with them and they are comfortable. I have them in black but couldn't find a pic of black pair.

Joined Aug 20, 2003
Good thread. I'm headed to a few clubs that don't allow sneakers so I'm looking for something stylish but still casual that I can rock to clubs... I got turned away in my XI in DC...
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