"~*FeMalEz wHo tYpE LiiKe tHiiS~*" UNAPPRECIATION

Sep 20, 2008
..i wouldnt even be ticked if i didnt just get a text from achick who types like that AND some chick who just started following me on Twitter types like that ... but seriously..my eyes hurt trying to read it

If I text a chick and she replies back like that, I dead her right then,or I don't reply at all

No female over the age of 15 should be typing like that period, and some of the broads think its cute
Co Sign to the fullest, an immediate turn off, like as soon as i see someone types like this i automatically stop paying attention.
I Agr33,1t'sZ $tuPidd
but seriously, learn how to type, you're on the computer and/or texting so @%*%*@% often
i'm bout to post somethin this put as her status... and u gonna be like wth...

!s w0nd3r!ng wh3r3 l!f3 i$ g0nn@ t@k3 m3,or b3t+er y3t,wh3r3 i'm g0nn@ t@k3 my l!f3...a$ i g3t 0ld3r ! r3al!z3 d@t @t @ p+ in l!f3 y0u g0t+a gr0w up &+ak3 ch@rg3 of ur l!f3!!
I didn't think anyone actually typed like that in text messages.
Ithought it was just something dumb broads did on myspace.
Oh god, Chick I'm talking to now does that that. I'm schooling her to not type like that when she is talking to me.
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