Final Fantasy XI vol. Does anyone STILL play this?

Oct 23, 2006

As you can see from the image above, the price says $49.99, so I got an OG copy when it first came out a few years back. I can't believe I am playing thisgame again. Am I the only one? For those of you whom have played in the past, and have stopped... there have been a lot great improvements to make thegameplay experience better. For one, well, the most significant and important update imo, is the new [Level Sync] system. Basically, anyone can sink down toyour level, and party with you, allowing you to get experience point for your true level.

Example, a lvl 55, 43, 39, 59, 62 and a 38 wanted to all party... they could. The [Level Sync] would be set to the lowest level in the party (38), and allskills and abilities learned up to that point are only useable. Your gear and equipment stay the same, but your actual combat skills, such as, great katanaweapon level, sword weapon level, w/e are all capped at the max for the given level that is [Level Sync]'d. To me, this is a great improvement because,who remember how hard it was to find a party back when everyone had to be within the 3 levels range to gain good exp? This update, which should have been doneages ago, now makes this game at least 40% more enjoyable than before. Other updates include new weapon skills for weps, new quests and armor and such... allthat Jazz..

Anyway, I won't be surprised if no one replies, or even still plays, I was just really curious. I recently did a world change ($25 ...smh) to get on thePandemonium server, and I have been having a lot of fun leveling my SAM/WAR.

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as a lifelong Final Fantasy fan, i thought it was terrible when i got it a few years back.

Final Fantasy doesnt belong online in my opinion
I used to love this game. Personally i like it alot better for the pc. Its a must have to have a keyboard and a mouse in this game. Now that you say this imight get back into it. I deleted my last account but lvling 1-10 wasnt that hard and now i bet its even easier. What other good perks are there? i would loveto get back into this game again.
The best perk is basically the one I stated, the level sync, which becomes available when you hit level 10. Usually, at low levels it really isn't too hardto find parties, but, when you hit those late 20s, early 30s, it used to be impossible. Either people were too high, or too low. I use a usb keyboard with myxbox and I enjoy it. I never tried it on the PC though.. I get into an xbox live party with 8 people, all talking and such, it makes the game a lot more fun.The was also a wings of the goddess expansion pack unveiling new areas and there are a couple new jobs too.
When you talk about MMORPG's, there is World of Warcraft, and then everyone else.

That being said, I heard XI was pretty decent.
I played WoW for about 4 or 5 months. I got it as soon as the Burning Crusade expansion came out because I couldn't stand looking at dumb looking chars.Blood Elves were dope imo, I would play again, but I am not too keen on PC gaming.
FFXI was fun ...played it for 2 years when it was first release on PC, lakshimi server
...alot of good memories, but some NM battle were

also my introduction to wwwwww, = ^ . ^= , and ^ . ^v
Played it on PS2 for a few months. I think the early bugs turned alot of people off this game.

It should never have been a numbered FF.

However, there is a rumored MMORPG coming from Square in either late 2010 or early 2011 I would definitely check out.

Paying for online play is not the business, tho.
I still play I am on the phoenix server still alot of fun playing. Level sync does make leveling easier.
i have seen some people play it for the 360 but the ps2 version
. itpretty bad final fantasy game and in the words of process of belief "Paying for online play is not the business"
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