Finding An Apartment..advice? Vol Prioritize.

Jul 4, 2004
Well I just got a new job (finally). It's time for me to prioritize,
stop splurging on everything I see, & start saving again.
First thing on my list was to move out from under my parents' roof.

I was considering looking for an apartment south of Seattle but north of Kent,
basically Renton to Tukwila, which is basically in the middle of Seattle & school (Highline Community College).

Anyone that used to live or currently lives in apartments, do you have any advice of what to look for? anything I should stay away from? suggestions of acertain apartment complex..etc, etc..sorry I'm a noob at this. btw, I already have a potential roommate.

Thanks in advance for the advice/help.
Renton's got some nice apts in the Area

I used to live in that area the prices are usually decent

I used to live in the Berkshires on Eagle Ridge sis lives in the Woodcliffe apt. that is in the same area...the area is flooded with apartmentcomplexes that are pretty nice

Fairwood is a nice area to stay in too if you can find a decent price..its right between Renton and Kent but further East
yea fairwood is nice area but pricey i just moved back into area and i stay in renton right by new life chruch and across street from maplewood golf course itsvery nice and new built in 2006 walk in closets huge master suites for a decent price. Its 5 mins from fairwood shopping and 5 mins from 405. they are calledvally springs, very quiet area too, I'd recommend it to any nter. I live right next to leasing office so if you want price just let me know what yourlooking for, I owe you for hookin me up last year wit emp discount
Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.
I'll check with my friend what she thinks.

Btw, daaznfella also lives in the fairwood area near the golf course
I'd say keys are proximity to buslines and grocery stores. oh yeah, and in unit washer and dryer.
Im considering selling my condo and moving into an apartment and those are things Im looking for. I know I personally also want a place that is clean and has apool workout room.
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yo ronnskizzle can we get a update?

Ah I decided to stay home until I graduate in the Winter. My opportunity cost greater if I do stay at home and save money compared to living on my own andusing that money I would of saved, on rent every month. After I graduate, I plan to transfer. Depending where I transfer to, I will most likely move out thento be closer to campus. But thanks everyone for your input.
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