Finding money on the floor appreciation!

Joined Sep 17, 2003
Finding money on the ground > floor. The only place I refer to as floor is in my house... so it's probably my brothers' or parents' money haha.
Joined Nov 26, 2009
I've found money a few times at my job. ( I work at a supermarket)

One time I was walking into the back and check something, and I saw a $100 bill just chilling on the floor, kinda hidden. When I saw it my heart was speeding. Everytime I saw a manager, I thought it was a set up, but nothing happened.

Another time, I found a $50 bill on the floor in the store.

Last, I found $10 in the parking lot.

Love finding free bills!
Joined Oct 17, 2008
i remember the best day i had in my life started with waking up, smoking a blunt in the morning, taking an awesome !%# shower, and walking out my house to find 5$ waiting to be picked up.
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