Finishline Prolem: RESOLVED!

Feb 7, 2003

Ok. So I went to Finishline earlier today. I pretty much walked in and talked to the shift manager and she took care of everything. I would like to thank her for dealing with the situation. She was very nice and professional throughout the transaction.

Logging on to NT, I got a PM from the store manager. He pretty much told her to take care of the situation so I would like to Thank You (won't name any names), for helping me out. I would like to think that this can be used as an example for future pre-sales.

I understand the thinking behind selling a gift card, therefore you are not technically selling the item early, but you are reserving it. This keeps you out of trouble with JB/Nike. I feel that you should add the return stipulation on the sheet of paper that must be signed when pre-reserving therefore the customer is aware of the situation. By having the customer sign that, they are aware of the policy. Either do that, or allow refunds on the pre-reserve. The chances of a return on a pre-reserve are highly unlikely, but as with my case, they do happen.

I don't want to go into it anymore but just wanted to say thanks for clearing the situation up and don't be surprised if you see me purchasing an item from the store.

Original posts to process the refund and tells me that he will give me a gift card in the amount I paid for the shoes, $151.54.I told him I wanted a refund on my credit card but he told me he can only offer a gift card.

I believe his reasoning is that technically, the shoe was purchased with a gift card. When I went to pre-reserve the shoes, I paid $303.08 on my credit card, and I was given two seperate gift cards that each put a pair on reserve for me. I was never aware of this policy as it was never verbally explained to me or put in writing. However, they did have me sign a form saying that had I not pick up the pair of shoes by noon on Saturday, release day, I would lose the shoes and would have to keep the gift car. NOWHERE on any piece of paper does it say that I would not get a refund to a credit card.

To sum things up, I am stuck with a gift card. By doing a pre-reserve, I was pretty much forced to buy a gift card. Once again, this policy was NEVER explained to anyone. Had I known about this policy, I would have shopped elsewhere since I knew I would be returning a pair. After explaining that I didn't want a gift card, the employee told me to keep them and try to re-sell them. Thanks for the wonderful advice.

Now I am stuck with a pair of shoes that don't fit or a gift card that honestly, I can't see myself spending anytime soon.

To all of you that plan to do business with Finishline Serramonte, please keep this in mind, especially if you plan to purchase Air Jordans from them.

I for one, know that if this isn't resolved, I will NEVER do business with Finishline Serramonte again. Every friend I know that I have told this story too also plan to NEVER shop at Finishline Serramonte again.

Sorry for the long rant, but I feel this is in the best interest of fellow NT'ers. Hopefully you won't get screwed by Finishline Serramonte like I did.
If that was me, and the policy clearly WASNT explained to me, there would be no way in hell, I would leave that place until I have a credit on my card. You should go back and directly ask for the store manager. If he says no, ask for the district manager contact, and take it from there. Dont settle for @#%$ that wasnt your fault.
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If that was me, and the policy clearly WASNT explained to me, there would be no way in hell, I would leave that place until I have a credit on my card. You should go back and directly ask for the store manager. If he says no, ask for the district manager contact, and take it from there. Dont settle for that wasnt your fault.

I agree with the hot sauce homie here, go in to Finishline and let them have it!! The customer used to always be right, but these days it seems as if the employees of sneaker shops that have JB accounts/SB accounts like flexin' on customers. I think some of those kids enjoy the power of selling a much desired release a little too much... Just my 2 cents
IMO it's not that big of a deal. if you can return it to another FNL I'd try and do that or keep the card and use that for the VIII's in Dec.
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Joe is that dude when it comes to @#%$ like this... you a good guy.

I remember I got my parking ticket during the summit...Joe was trippin off of it more than I was..heckling the lady more than I was.

hope you get your money back...cuz we all know no jordans are worth buying within the next couple months..
that sucks dude. so you have a sz 10 and a 10.5? and off topic. can you explain to me how does this pre-sell work
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customer service stories like this make or break a store...with that said...its safe to say ill never bring my business there again...

that's real sneaky to basically keep your money either way...they got you if you keep the shoes and they still got you if you return them...
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Damn, that sucks dude. My cousin is looking for a 10.5, I'll give him a heads up. Djbj6t9, Also informed me about this. I tried to reserve a 12 and asked about the process and he informed me that they don't give refunds and you would have to keep the card. They ended up selling out of my size tho. Hope your problem gets resolved either way tho.
I also pre-ordered and noticed that you didn't receive any sort of receipt that you says you paid with your card. It just shows that full amount in the gift card. They never stated that you cannot return shoes if you preorder them.
When you did the preorder did they give you a reciept that says you bought 2 gift cards???
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if u go in today and they wont give u a return then you should just leave the shoes there and tell them yur going to protest the charge on yur credit card. u must leave the shoes there though cause its gonna be hard for a credit card company to give you your money back if you still have the shoes in yur possession.
So I called corporate today. They told me that there wasn't much they could do but they forwarded my case to the district manager. He is supposed to call me within the next 72 hours. The rep did say that in special cases, a refund can be issued on a gift card. That is up to the store manager.

I am going to go talk to the store manager within the next day or so and if he is willing to do a refund, then we are good and I will continue my business with Finishline. If not, you already know.

One thing to note, the rep did tell me that the store MUST inform you that on pre-reserves (at least for Jordans), they must tell you that a refund will be issued as a gift card. Once again, NEVER was this announced to anyone.
If the store manager says no, ask for the District Manager. Once he hears about it, his only solution will be to give you a refund. Trust me. Rule of advice, ALWAYS ask questions....especially when you purchase something where you actually don't have the "physical" item in your presence. Good luck, and give them hell!
I am going today to talk to the manager. The district manager has already been informed so now I either get it resolved in-store today or I wait for the district manager to call (up to 72 hours).

I don't mind that Finishline continues to setup pre-sales this way, but the key thing is to INFORM the customer. When I made the pre-sale purchase, I asked the employee how it works and he said to just bring in that card as it is what reserves the size. The only other thing he mentioned was that if I don't pick them up before noon, they would sell my size and I would be stuck with the card. He never mentioned anything about returns. I do realize that they would assume no one would be returning them, but if you have a special stipulation, you must let customers know.

I will let you guys know how it goes down.
it does suck, but i used to manage a footlocker and it makes sense kinda. if the transaction to buy the shoes was with a gift card, you can only put the money back on a gift card when returning it. the only way i see you getting around it would be bringing in the original reciept you got when you paid with your credit card to get the gift card. then ask to return the gift card. just an idea.
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^^if they didn't give a reciept when they charged your card, then yeah, something shady is definatly going on.
continuing my commitment to keep my post count low by only making important thoughtful posts
I'm glad that the managers over there at the Serramonte Store understand the meaning of customer service. It's getting pretty rare nowadays to find managers that actually go out of their way to make things right with customer. I know many retailers that hide behind "Policy" and don't consider the customers position. Props to Finishline at Serramonte for taking care of you sfgr415.
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