First pair of Roshes: HELP! Wearing with socks??

Aug 18, 2012
So I had a $140 credit for and decided to buy my first pair of roaches for myself and the lady. After taking them out of the box, I struggle to put them on and find them very UNcomfortable! With the insoles being rubber, my socks are catching onto it and bunching up around my toes. Are these supposed to be worn without socks?? What part of putting my shoes on am I not understanding? Haha didn't we learn this in preschool? Thanks
Mar 9, 2013
i think your problem is that you paid $140 for ROACHES for you and your lady.

Anyways, you should always try on a shoe in store before you order online, especially on a shoe you've never worn before. Roshes fit true to size though so it shouldn't have been a problem. Even if they're a little tight, the mesh stretches out over time (depending on which roshe style you got). Or just try different socks. I wear socks with all my roshes and they're completely fine. You can't go cheap on socks. Theres a tongue tab and a heel tab, slide your finger from each hand and slip your feet in.
Apr 20, 2005
You gotta try different types of socks with them. If you have a ton of the same kind it won't work. Try a more synthetic fabric sock that is a little bit smoother than cotton and it should be ok. I know what you're describing though, I ended up with a couple of blisters because of it.
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