First Post - couple of my pick ups

May 17, 2009
Hi there NT.

I have been lurking for a while now and this is my first post. I am from London, UK and have recently got into sneakers/dunks/trainers etc. Here are a coupleof my recent pick ups. Will edit this thread and add more when I get them.

Great site you got here guys.




Cheers guys.

Welcome to NT, and nice selections so far. NT will turn you into a monster when it comes to the pick ups, believe me.
I know you're new but there's already a pickup post.
Those dunks are nice and welcome to NT.
Originally Posted by PanaRicanRetro

OH ****, John Mayer's on NT. I knew it!

Haha, didnt know who that was so googled him. He's had some good conquests, i've been called worse
Originally Posted by stifmyster23

Where did you find those dunks? Did you find them in a skateshop or where, there hot

Got them off schuhstore on ebay. But they are widely available in Nike stores over here. Also seen them on
i have never seen such a nice niketalk welcome lol
congrats man you didnt get flamed for your first post.
consider your self lucky
Welcome to NT. In the future, please post your pick-ups in the Pick-Up Thread stickied at the top of the Sneaker Showcase and your outfit in the WDYW thread.

Dope stuff though man!
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