Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood APPRECIATION

Sep 18, 2003

name a bad song on here
i remember back iin the day that my aunt almost aint let me buy this cd cuz dude is sittin in a tub o'blood.

i was HEATED when i found out Slippin was edited even on the album.

but the edited version > unedited version.

thats a monumental achievement in itself.
i just put this on my top 5 albums of all time list ... i dunno why but i rock with this cd so hard its not even funny no mo
What happen to DMX ?

Homie had a promising career...

Anyway cd is definitely appreciated.
Am I the only one who loves "The Omen"?

It's Dark and Hell is Hot > Any DMX album.

Stop Being Greedy

Ruff Ryders Anthem

Get At Me Dog
I hate edited songs on unedited albums (see this, "Ain't That A B" off UGK's Dirty Money, etc)
^Normally I would agree but Slippin is an obvious exception.

A rare example of an edited version>*
Originally Posted by KayCurrency

And then there was X>__________

the same album w/ Party Up?

no thanks.

this album featured a still hungry X and a hungry whiste-less swizz.
you possibly couldnt ask for more.

Bring Your Whole Crew >>>> And Then There Was X
skipped school to cop this album a week early.

its cool, might have heard it only 5 times tho, can't really say.
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