Flyknit Chukka Thread

Joined Jan 25, 2013
I love the color of the laces on the light grey pair. These will make a good alternative to the Snow Pack.

It still blows my mind that we've only had two US releases since February and the reds seem to be restocked at a random store once a week. Let's see some releases, Nike. 
im still debating about getting the snowpack, now that these have surfaced, i would probably get the grey/blue pair from the snow pack still, just to compliment the grey/red that better come out. come on NIKE!
Joined Feb 26, 2013
I had the reds..nice shoe

ended up getting two pairs of the black chukka's those moved slow

waiting to see how the new ones do
Joined Apr 19, 2013
does the white bottom material on these gets discolor fast? i've ordered a pair of lunar ones from nike and finishline, and both have slight yellowish discoloring near the heels. i don't plan on wearing these chukka often, so i want these to be kept as clean as possible.
Joined Feb 10, 2013
^^ midnight fogs look good, not diggin the jeans.

i bet they look even nicer in person, already have blacks, reds, blue snow on the way, but I m a sucker for that ORANGE
Joined Dec 4, 2012
Nice Pick JC, VERY JELLY!!! When those came out, I had ACL surgery a week before. My friend picked me up and we raced to mercer. While i'm crutching up the steps these 2 kids walk out with like 8 pairs... SOLD OUT!! I have to get those badly they are one of my grails 
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