Foamposite one retro / og / og sample comparison

Jul 5, 2001
took shots of these babies. can't really describe how exciting to have these on hand. straight beauty.





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The back on the OG's look rounder. The only difference I could tell.
i got the OG SS

and dude i got them for $20 cause one of the footlocker kept them in the back. no one wants to buy it for $180 back then.
The grooves are indeed not as deep and the shape is not as round at the heel as someone mentioned...but let's be honest...these still kick some serious @#%$. So far I'm pretty impressed in relation to what we've been getting used to seeing with retro product. These look well done and it's gonna be incredible to get an icy pair. Having said that, January is NUTS, and most of you will be getting Fire Red V's end of December as well. :\

IT IS[/center]
With the OG mold being destroyed, them joint look on point. Not sure about coppin' though. I had the Dooms and them joints felt like bricks on my feet.
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i reeeeally like them. it will make up for 97 when i couldn't get my parents to buy them for me. :lol:
they're so copped.
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I do hope they hold up well
as compared tp OG's material
wise. They are supposed to
be damn near invicible, and
last several years of straight
wear and tear. My '01 retro Pro's
just fell apart last month after
continious wear, so I had to crazy
glue the sole back on. The best
Think about it.
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One of my friends who gets a look at samples said that the foamposite material isnt as thick/ sturdy as the og ones. :\
Cant say I'm surprised!
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