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HOUSTON - A masked man in a wheelchair rolled up behind a man and shot him Sunday outside a gym in midtown Houston, police said.

The shooting was reported around 1 p.m. outside a 24 Hour Fitness at 3701 Louisiana St.

Houston police said the man was placing his daughter in the back seat of his vehicle when he was shot by 27-year-old Joey Harper.

The 6-year-old girl yelled, "Papi, papi!" and covered her eyes during the shooting, family members told KPRC2

Police said the father tackled Harper after he had been shot, and knocked him out of the wheelchair, but Harper wrestled away and escaped in his wheelchair.

The 39-year-old father was taken to a local hospital in critical condition.

Family members said the victim was shot twice -- in the torso and the side. He was in surgery for eight hours on Monday.

A witness saw Harper leave the scene in the wheelchair and followed him to a CVS parking lot three blocks away, police said. Harper was attempting to leave in a friend's vehicle when officers arrested him.

Police said Harper was still in possession of the mask and a pistol when they found him.

Harper is facing a charge of felon in possession of a weapon. Additional charges are likely forthcoming.

“It just makes my heart drop,” said Bella Lockworth, who works out at that 24 Hour Fitness location. “I feel like the daughter’s going to be traumatized from this.”

“Shocking, I mean, you wouldn’t expect that sort of thing to happen here,” said Josh Hamm, who also works out there.
One, that’s down the street from me, two, I know the brother who commented on it. He works with my wife. That’s crazy and nobody has said nothing about this on the news.


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man.... i clicked on a twitter post about it and there was a second angle where a neighbor is screaming to the police to allow her to take the babies since the cops were being rough. you can CLEARLY see from this angle how the cop yanked on the child, and hear the childs scream. that kinda stuff hits me different now.

for the second time in my entire life i angry cried just now. the fact that the department is protecting the name of the cop and hes on desk duty instead of fired shows theyre protecting him.

and you can tell everyone is scared these cops about to just let off on everyone involved. look at how the cop by the truck kicks out the fathers legs and puts him in that horse stance. FOR WHAT? what protocol is that?

this is me. i dont even really look. dudes act like theyve never seen cheeks before. i dont get it. is the game to look at the mass and imagine what u would do to it or what it looks like under the dress? seriously pervy stuff man. im not on that time.
Minor update on the situation, city REALLY trying NOT to fire these officers. Hoping it gets swept under the rug and everyone forgets about it, thugs would be back on the street in 2/3 months.
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Minor update on the situation, city REALLY trying NOT to fire these officers. Hoping it gets swept under the rug and everyone forgets about it, thugs would be back on the street in 2/3 months.
nothing new. and its exactly what we expected when we first heard what happened. theyll probably get the ferguson treatment and just resign then reapply in the next district or city. the entire police force nationwide is corrupted. needs to be upended and overhauled from the ground up. but it wont happen.

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i love how the black dude at the very end was like "uh ayo my mans....."
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OJ done goofed again. You know he’ll be getting in trouble real soon, man not must like freedom.

Just noticed how the dummy who improperly stood the ladder up last just walked away, saw it fall continued to pick up another box :lol::smh:
it was a well-orchestrated hit. this was no accident.
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