Fools Wildin Thinking They Doing It Unappreciation Vol Get The @#*+ out


Joined Sep 21, 2012
Basically said "she knows i'm stupid, it's her fault". She doesn't even really like or respect dude.
Concur she disrepected dude so many times in that video, you know she got a side dude. If not she about to off that shot of her from the back. LMAO. Dude just handed his girl over to the masses and ain't even know it.
She knows that, that's why she's so mad. She's mad at herself.
She thinking how dumb do I got to be to be with this fool. Lucky they didn't have a dishwasher, homie might of put the chicken in the dishwasher. Chicken will be washed and rinsed shortly.
JESUS CHRIST. Homie really... Legs really folded up like a lawn chair
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