Foot Locker F&F - August 23-26

Jul 9, 2006

TEAM [Scrubs]
.:: | TEAM | TORONTO | RAPTORS | ::.​
^ Exclusion list?
.:: |Team| Lebron| Size9| ::.
.:: | bib10 | dOubleO | tdog91184 | visrael | ::.​
.:: FOR SALE Lebron II Low Gum Sole w/ PE Box DS sz 11 ::.​
would they accept if we print out and give it to them, cause it says something about "void of copied and where prohibited, licensed or regulated"?
I don't think you have to worry about that LOL these so called "friends and family" events arn't really what they're cut out to be...the real F & F events are 50 days. But apart from that, they usually have those coupons like at the cashier and just have a mountain of them and plus it's not like they (employees) really care, they give the discount to everyone. It's just a marketing scheme to get as many sales as possible, its just like any other sale except they waste a ton of paper to print out those coupons which end up on the floor of every mall or on queen street because they(FL) have people handing out those coupons and most people just discard them
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