Footprints - Ann Arbor - releasing CLOT Dunkesto & Woven

Oct 20, 2005
Had to put this one out of the SE Michigan thread...

Ann Arbor's favorite sneaker shop since 1992 has a big surprise for it's sneaker freaker friends next month.
It is CLOT's limited Dunkesto in rasta colors.
Hemp, snakeskin, Presto wing and liner.
Also (no pic yet) will be the Footscape Woven in hemp rasta colors. Don't sleep.
Only took a few weeks to hit the US, but here it is...
Releasing at 10am on April 10th.


What am I gonna do when the aliens come?​
I think those are the ones.
I'm not completey sure about the Free outsole design.
The CAD I have shows it exactly like your pic, but Nike said it was on a Free outsole, so I can't say 100%.
What am I gonna do when the aliens come?​
Those will release in the us next month. 100% confirmed.
Cincinnati Summit April 28, 2007!
Whats the biggest size yall get in dunks, I like them, but I need a 14!!!... :\
LIPDUNK - thanks for the awesome service. got my footscapes and i love em! i was expecting to get em later this week but they were at my doorstep this afternoon! thanks again eric.
WANTED: Size 13 Air Max 1 Atmos SAFARI, Air Max 1 NL CEMENT white/grey, Harris Tweed FOOTSCAPES
^^^ Anytime.
Can't ship my SB styles but more than happy to ship my Quickstrikes and Energy's.
100% involved in helping anyone out. I know it's damn tough in the city to find some of these.
Thanks again.
What am I gonna do when the aliens come?​
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