For My Nt Vets... Is it Worth It?

Joined Jun 5, 2008
Well recently I've been thinking is it really worth joining the army or marines? I have considered joining because of the benefits insurance etc.. But i hear its a bunch of bologna so am asking how has it impacted your lifestyle and how do you guys really work thanks
Joined Apr 1, 2009
This thread gets made every other week on NT.

How about an official "NT Co-sign my joining he military" thread?

I've stated my piece on it enough already. Good luck.
Joined Jun 5, 2008
well i wouldn't know am not on NT much anymore but thought someone could help...
Joined May 14, 2007
Do it.

Go travel, %%+* foreign chicks, drink excessively with little to no repercussion (unless you get a DUI) as a minor, and make some decent money all at the same time....

I know I did.

Was stationed in S. Korea during the 2002 World Cup. GOOD times right there!
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