For some reason Car Washes really interest me

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interesting. i used to think about the same thing too, along with laundromats and liquor stores.
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The hardest part is how to find money to invest in your business. I always wanted to open a mini restaurant selling fast food and drinks etc but got turned down by the bank twice already. SMH sometime i even think about doing illegal stuff so i can generate some capital for my future business but the inner good guy in me kept saying no.

Know some brothers that went down that road and got roped up [Big Boi] And just that..trapped [ Big Boi] smh
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Fail.  At least post a picture next time of a chick with a nice body and a booty to match.  Not some chick with a muffin top and no butt.
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One by me has been open for a while now and I can tell its CAKING. I mean you pay for the machine which is a huge one time fee, but besides that rent/water and workers? which most workers are "desperate looking for job people" that work long hours very little pay, its basically the chick at the counter just collecting straight CASH, no checks.
Plus the little walk in store as they take your car is a mini mart itself which basically brings in enough to cover the rent, so your raking in pure profit
I mean is there some license you may need or something I dont know about
I wouldnt mind running one or multiple in the future
I heard that one of the franchises is like 250 to get in. Seriously though I've been wanting one of these for awhile, just never had any people with money who wanted to get in.

And all the young cats trying to go upscale with it is doing it wrong. These stall things are the way to go. Minimal overhead and employees after that. Unless your in a baller neighborhood thats recession proof.
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