For Those Interested In This Area - Job Opening


Dec 28, 2002
For those of you aspiring to take your Sneaker Passion to another level there is an opening for an EKIN in the DC area.

Good Luck....

They need more Reps from the East Coast making a change up here.
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Where do I apply? Mind as well try.
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I will get at you asap in the a.m. or your early p.m.

"I'm Ready" like Big Daddy Kane.

Just gotta find a way to quit my other 9 jobs though...

Dream Team of MD/DC/VA - TRUTH hurts, doesn't it?
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Ummm Sphat.. or however you spell your name.. I would make sure they kept you in Albania as an EKIN before you repped my area Kind Sir.... No Disrespect. But I couldn't in good conscience put you in a position to do something like that, just from posts alone here bruh..

You should take the forum a bit more seriously. For real.

Kev.. holla at me tomorrow.. I am sitting in the dark working, as everyone in my house is on East Coast time still!!! lol

This joint is 60 - 75% TRAVEL which is NO JOKE. But at least it's Travel Based on places in the DC Metro Area....

You actually work from home I believe which is Gravy and are attached to the nearest Sales office... I believe located in Columbia......
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Already did my research. And, with all the jokes here about my rentals, I'm not a stranger to the road.

I'll holla.

Good looking, as youz-u-wow...

Dream Team of MD/DC/VA - TRUTH hurts, doesn't it?
'TeePeso,' 'Ryan8478,' DCShoeDon,' 'JaywhYeNeX,' 'Importking,' 'DCshoechick,' 'Scott Scotch,' 'rudolph1996,' '7hillz'​
You actually work from home I believe which is Gravy and are attached to the nearest Sales office... I believe located in Columbia......
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This is cool as ever.
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Rock where do we apply. I'm bout to graduate college and I know they want some fresh legs!
Another one bites the dust!
Just FYI...

Nikebiz is ALWAYS posting these jobs, so don't be afraid to look.

DC EKIN Position your online application by clicking the Start Your Application button. Follow the steps until you reach the final page confirming that your online application has been completed successfully.


Mind readers wanted.

Consumers today are more sophisticated and better educated than in any previous generation. They decide what they want and when they want it. At Nike, our challenge is to anticipate what they'll want and be ready with a solution. When we're really good, it's something -- a product, a service, a whatever -- that's so intuitively perfect the consumer hasn't even imagined it could exist. Your job? To make sure we know our consumers better than we know ourselves.

But you knew that already, didn't you?

As our EKIN Rep, youll ensure sell thru of Nikes footwear, apparel and equipment. Youll execute brand initiatives with optimal in-store training and retail presentation focusing in key footwear account doors. Youll create and conduct dynamic educational clinics covering Nike Footwear, Technical Apparel and Equipment. Youll conduct effective in-store training visits, collaborating with Account in-store and District Management teams to identify staff development opportunities based on assortment and Brand Initiatives. Youll increase Sales Associate product knowledge and selling skills thru one-on-one coaching. Youll manage account list in partnership with the EKIN Regional Manager to consistently reflect top doors (goal 50)within assigned territory. You will provide training support to direct Nike Retail channel in markets with Niketown and Nikewomen locations. Youll also execute Brand Initiatives, account seasonal product and service & selling training plans. Youll create and implement education plans thru effective use of EKIN samples, training tools, EKIN website, and SKU. In addition, you will create energy and passion for the brand by sharing Nikes History and Heritage. As our EKIN rep, youll implement strategic training plans to ensure educational plans are reflective of Consumer, GBU, and National priorities. Where appropriate, youll educate and focus on category training and education within certain Fields of Play. (i.e. Soccer, Womens Fitness, Running, etc). Youll also provide support to marketing consumer events such as Expos, Sport Marketing events, NIKE and/or account sponsored events, etc. Youll utilize local market knowledge to facilitate relevant Consumer Focus group meetings as part of product and/or categoryfeedback process. Youll deepen relationships with local influencers/coaches in key geographies. Youll actively participate in relevant GBU team meetings, conference calls, and account meetings / presentations. Youll also work productively as a member of the GBU team. As a member of the team this includes collaborative efforts with Sales Reps, Merchandisers, Marketing organization, and other EKINs. Youll integrate into assigned community by participation and support of grass roots Consumer events and organizations. Youll work with Regional EKIN Manager to establish Account and Category Focus Reporting schedule that is reflective of both GBU and National objectives. Youll complete and communicate week/month-end and seasonal reports as assigned. Youll use all opportunities to connect with Sales Associates and Consumers to collect product and initiative wins/opportunities, current market trends, and competitor information. Youll maintain 30-60-90 day calendar that outlines activities, goals, and objectives. Youll also effectively manage budgets and expenditures. In addition, youll adhere to all Nike policies and procedures T&E, expense report, staff dress, etc.

Requirements for the position include:
Bachelor's degree plus a minimum 1 year of retail, sales, customer service, coaching or teaching experience (or combination thereof) or 2 additional years' experience in lieu of degree
Effective verbal and written communication skills including presentations.
Ability to write clear, concise reports, email, correspondence
Proficient information seeking skills and drive for results
Ability to share ideas and develop effective responses or elevate to higher management
Proficient in Microsoft Office applications; Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
Ability to work cooperatively with staff
Ability to network and utilize internal and external resources
Ability to exercise a high degree of professionalism
Ability to handle multiple projects
Demonstrated entrepreneurial experience
Experience working in an autonomous environment with little direction or supervision
Ability to travel up to 60% of the time
Management experience is preferred
Strong presentation skills are preferred
Experience living and working in the city in which this position is located is preferred
Prefer knowledge of the sports and fitness industry
Ability to lift heavy objects and sample bags that weigh up to 50 lbs
Possess a valid drivers license and valid automobile insurance

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Good luck to all those that apply. I dont have any retail experience so that'd be a mark against me when it comes to being compared to folks that do. Plus, I'm not hungry for it so I wouldn't give it my all.
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If my situation was not as good as it is now, I would be all over this.

Okay, I have to at least ask.....any idea what an EKIN makes?
Rock, does Nike inc. do internships much. Possibly in the marketing field?
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They do, but from what I understand you have to apply about a semester or year in advance. Most internships are done locally however.

Its rare they do local one's but there is a Nike office from what I hear on Capitol Hill somewhere, so you could check the Nikebiz site for that...
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this is hot....i bet you get plenty of samples doing this...don't you....

if i could do this i would...good luck to yall
Damn, I want this job... I used to personally know one of the local EKINs through a past job I used to hold down... She was :pimp:
TeamCowboysWe back in '07
i tried to go to this but the link failed... and i couldnt find it on nikebiz... help rock
^^^It's still up there. I actually applied for this position last year for the Philly area and was asked for a final interview in NYC. Unfortunately I didn't get it. Rock I'd def like to give you a call and pick your brain about a few things. Right now I'm in the same boat as rstansbury with a pretty good job but honestly there's nothing I'd want more than a job with Nike.
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The industry we are in is a good one to be in right now.

That being said, I have dreamed of working for Nike for years, but I have already done the "dream job for not much money" thing, and while it was a great experience I have to stick with what will pay the bills as I am about to be a married man. Best of luck to everyone who applies.
Stans.. I am with you... for some this could be a pay hike.. but I am not sure for those who are established.

This is the reason I never took a Regular Position with Nike before. I wasn't leaving what I took 15 years to put together in this area.

Although there was a time when you had to be in the Nike system for years to get a good position, but now, they are in a position where they need people with good ideas and great execution.

The Basketball Industry specifically has been on a downturn overall at ALL brands, so Nike has to step it up to stay ahead with New Product that is relevant and to Market it in such a way that the kids and other consumers of today have their own identity instead of JUST the retro attachment which will always be around.

As for the link.. just go to folks. its there Im sure still.
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Damn... must have been a Gang of you dudes applying!! Gotta act fast in this industry thats for sure.
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