For those of y'all that don't go home/away for Spring Break....

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how do you do it? I'm stuck here until 6 AM tomorrow and the campus is absolutely dead. Probably 1,000 students left and I'm being generous with that number. I like my alone time but I also like seeing the place that I live being lively. How do you pass the time and maintain your sanity lol when there is no one else around?

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Same stuff I would do whenever friends were busy or I just felt like hanging out.

PS3 can kill a day with ease, browse NT, pop in a few movies, grab some lunch, read, etc.
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Originally Posted by milkandcookies

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toke up 
Go explore the surrounding areas of ur campus.
That's not a good idea considering that robberies and assaults increase when the weather is decent around here. Open campus FTL. Besides, I pretty much know the campus and immediate off campus area like the back of my hand.

PS3 can kill a day with ease, browse NT, pop in a few movies, grab some lunch, read, etc.
I'm about to turn on the PS3 in a few and just play Modern Warfare 2 with the volume really loud. With the exception of a few people on my floor I have no neighbors. Reading doesn't sound like a bad idea. I just got an email from my PSC 304 prof regarding our paper and there was a 120 page document attached

I'm sure you get the picture.
I don't smoke.
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