Forum Posting Guidelines: Read BEFORE you post.


Dec 8, 2000 do not follow the guidlines for posting in this forum:

First and foremost, the content of each post has to abide by our rules:
A reminder to our newer members and a refresher to the regulars.

Buying or hook-up requests and selling offers will be deleted on sight with no warning. These are private communications between members that have no place in the forum.

There is no need to make a post on the board when someone has their email or other contact details available in their signature. Most members by default would have their Ezinbox activated, allowing you to send a private message directly to them. AIM and other contact info may also additionally be available by viewing their profile by clicking on their user name in a post.

If a member has enabled none of these faciliies then in all probability they do not want to be contacted and the ing for Michigan at forward, a 6-9 freshman from Detroit, MI #4 Chris Webber; at forward, a 6-6 freshman from Austin, TX #21 Ray Jackson; at center, a 6-9 freshman from Chicago, IL #25 Juwan Howard; at guard a 6-5 freshman from Plano, TX #24 Jimmy King; and at guard, a 6-8 freshman from Detroit, MI #5 Jalen Rose. They were known as the "Greatest Class Ever Recruited" or simply known as the Fab Five ~ Mitch Albom [/size][/b][/size][/color][/font]
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