Found a vid (potential .gif) more questionable than the blk kids smashing air .gif

Joined Sep 20, 2006
which is more suspect?

the blk kids smashing air .gif
(sorry dont have it saved, but you have all seen it)

or @2:03 of this video
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Originally Posted by TheSwoosh

So OP how exactly did you "find" this video.

wife was watching "doo doo brown" vids on youtube and said watch this. I'll take my "L" after creating a bad thread.
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What would their mothers think?...

(seriously though, so these videos are meant to show "all the ladies out there" exactly how the 3 minutes of jackhammering is gonna go down, shouldthey be so lucky?... What the cot damn hell is wrong with todays youth? I give up.)


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i always thought this gif had potential, i just never found a use for it...
maybe nt can do something with it.

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