Found some comic books I used to collect at my parent's house...

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this was back in the late 80's early 90's and wanted to know what the best website is to see how much these are worth...

There isn't a comic book store close to my house where they buy- only sell.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Better off selling them on Craig's list to collectors. You'll get casual buyers, collectors and resellers checking out your stuff. One thing though...I don't think 80s-90s books have a big following to warrant top prices. Depending on the issue/title of course.
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Best bet would be ebay like marmourj said.
You can check how much they sold or are selling for.

If they are worth money or your time selling them they'll be on eBay. Honestly though most stuff worth a good bit are golden or silver age stuff or super rare in demand stuff like walking dead variant covers or something.

Might not get much for the ones u posted...the superman 500 might get you 50 at a shop.

Just keep em
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You won't get much.

If you want to know how much you can get for a comic just search the comics on eBay and see how much theyre going for.

Quality and condition do matter though.
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Unless you have some golden age, silver age ****, don't expect too much.

Crisis might get you above $50

spawn and death of superman above 100$ if you get it ccg'd and it's in good condition.
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Thanks guys... guess I'll see what I can get and just end up keeping them and re-live my childhood....
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I don't know much about comics, but I found this thing still in its plastic sleeve from when I was a kid.

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