Fragment Design x Retro 1 High OG - Dec 27, 2014

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do you think these are supergeneral release just trying to be hyped so people will "forget the HUGE price increase?
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Anyone remember how fast those fragment Roshes went on NikeLab? Yeah, it's not looking good for the 1s.
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not at all, these are limited , all nikelab releases are limited 
According to the guys that works at 21M, they said: "There are a good numbers of these"

I dunno if they just wanted to calm people down or just make them happy lol.

9th Wonder

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Thanks for posting the nice kicks link, weird though I swear I saw price tags of $185, doesn't really matter since I don't have a shot to them anyway lol
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Friend told me the Frags will have around the same amount as the 11s. I seriously doubt that , but I did keep on hearing that there will be A LOT of pairs. Good luck NT peeps.
A local ma and pa store is letting me cop 60 pairs for NTfam.

Take the day off everyone. I gotchu. There is so much to go around.
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