Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin, who wins?

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Watching the original Oceans 11 right now starting these two legends. Had me thinking, who would you take as the overall better of the two?

When I was a kid I was always listening to Frank because my dad and grandpa would play him around the house/car rides. Over the years though, I realized the work Dean put in even before/during his music ventures.

I gotta go with Frank. Timeless entertainment by the both of them though.

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Dino. No ***** given with that guy.

Dean Martin celeb roast's were great.
+ all the work he did with Jerry Lewis.

Feel like if this question was asked to men/women who grew up following them in the 50s and on it would be real hard to make a call.
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Dean been my fav but I wouldn't argue with ppl thinking Frank was more talented or w/e. Gotta love Frank.

OG Ocean's 11 ftw :pimp:

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Sinatra had more swag and he could sing great but Dino had a better voice. I love listening to his Capitol Collectors Series CD.

Inamorata is my favorite.

Not to take away from Frank but I just think Dean was a better singer.


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The Chairman of the board. It's no secret Dino was the better singer, but old blue eyes could sing well enough. He really invented swag. Sinatra could probably walk into a room today, no one knowing who he was, and take your girl....and you not even be mad.
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Can't go wrong with Dean, Frank, or Tony. Frank was with the mob though so that might put his swag over the edge.
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