Free Fake ShamWows (Maybe) Info Inside

Joined Nov 22, 2007
im all set.. after falling victim to the Great Snuggie Scam of 09 i'm not messin with this free stuff anymore
Joined May 13, 2008
Snuggie scam left a scar I cant get over....

but will sign up for this, I hope I can regain trust after that horrible experience
Joined Sep 12, 2008
Originally Posted by iliketurtles

i would be careful according to slick deals it's a spam site 
Address on the registration is for Les Givral's Kahve, a vietnamese restaurant
some of their googling skills are garbage...

google maps indicate there are many businesses at that same address :

one business is called "CAR WASH TRUST" which I think might be the same company.
Joined Oct 6, 2003
Originally Posted by justcallmeeric

im not a big fan of sham wow... thought it will be great but doesnt do the job for car wash... waste of money
Chamois are pretty standard fare for car washing, you might be better off with the real leather ones they have at auto places.  Are you using it right?
you gotta throw them in the washer first (no dryer) and they work best when used damp.  Ours work great?
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