Free Rod Plus in Michigan. Where and how much!!!!

Mar 15, 2003
Hey NT. I'm just trying to mainly figure out how much the FREE ROD plus's are going to cost. I have an idea on where to get them I just want to get an exact or approximate price. Thank you.
^^^^^^^ I just checked an ebay listing and I saw the retail price is $100.00. Are you sure thats what they're going for. Double retail at a store is ridiculus. Also what stores are getting them. I know Premier is, anyone else?????
Only at Premier.
11am tomorrow morning.
Very few will be available.'s all just hear-say anyway.
How do you guys feel about Premier charging double retail value for the Free Rod Plus. And what can we do about a situation like this?
Raky00... heres exactly what you can do.


Nike puts a suggested retail on the box.

Many shops mark up hot items to cover the loss of other shoes they have to purchase.

EX. if they have to carry the Abington they take a loss.
"They even talked bout Jesus."
Premier only has 7 pairs..I won't be pickin one of em up at that price.
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