Freedom of Speech vs. Freedom of Thought

Are you Happy with Method Man’s Style of Moderating the NT community?

  • Yes, I think he does an excellent job and wouldn’t change a thing.

  • No, he needs to step down and let someone else take over.

  • Yes, but there are something’s he could do better.

  • No, but I appreciate what he does for the community overall.

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Jul 29, 2012
I am in my 30’s and have been coming to NT since I was 12 years old. I’ve seen a lot change since the days of flame wars and hood talk. Most changes have been for the better and I am grateful for the admins maintaining the site in the way that they have. At the moment I am irritated with Methodical Management Methodical Management but I Think the majority of what he does is for the integrity of this community. As of recent I have noticed a “Thought Crime” style of moderation that has taken place across the board. I’ve been blocked from two Threads for reasons which I disagree. I’ve seen it happen to others and have agreed/disagreed when it happened. How does the rest of the community feel about the direction things are moving? I’ve shared the dialogue between him and I below. Feel free to chip in which ever way you see fit.





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