Freestyle Rendering: Photoshop update

Sep 1, 2006
I had some fun designing this thing and I think it turned out pretty cool. I guess it is some sort of outdoor training shoe/ hiker.
Give me some feedback, please.

I like the design of the shoe, but the brown just Kills it
I like it a lot. The rendering style is very smooth. Done with tablet and alias sketchbook? Anyways, it definitely evokes early to mid 90s stuff with all the bo jacksons and other shoe. If I have one suggestion is to maybe extend that midsole back further towards the heel.
That's crazy interesting I like the lacing system. Real clean rendering texture/material-wise. To better convey the lacing system, you could consider doing a 3/4 view because you will really be able to see what's going on. Also, if you wanted, you could curve the toebox up, a little more toward horizontal. I think this would give it a sharper look/ make it sleeker. I really like the midsole; it would be sweet to see an outsole design for that. Good work!
NIce stuff man. Lovin your renderin style. What are the laces attached to? That purple thing? Does it have a funcitional purpose? MAybe the toebox would need some cleaning up. Other then that real nice job, lovin the colours.

RIP Mike Szabo aka my Godfather.
Thanks for the feedback. Yeah this was done in Alias sketchbook. I did it on a cyntiq, so I was drawing right on the screen, very fun.
Here is an illustrator/photoshop version with some slight changes.

First was better. Oha nd try reworking the arch, looks funny and wouldnt function too well if you ask me. Good job!
RIP Mike Szabo aka my Godfather.
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