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May 8, 2005
Anybody seen what was goin down at Washington hospital on Mowry? There was hella cop cars and the SWAT team was there too..

my friend said some dude behind the hospital was trying to commit suicide by jumping off a building...

can anyone clarify?
That was yesterday right?

My co-worker came in yesterday and said her mom was talking about some dude trying to jump off a building. I don't know how it ended up though. Hope dude didn't actually do it.
@#%$? I live hella close to there and heard nothing about this. If I would of known I would of been there asap to watch the chaos cus nothing big ever happens here. Ill ask around see if I can find more info.

I just asked my Mom. She said it happened at the Deacon(?) Pacific medical buildings over by Washington but not actually at Washington Hospital. Dude was up there drinking beer and acted like he had a weapon. They eventually talked him down.

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^haha word, i wanted to go park my car inside and bust out my camera to see what the commotion was about. but the cops blocked all the entrances lol.

and if you did something like that...would you get charged? or arrested? or just fined...cuz technically he didn't do anything wrong except disturbing the peace (assuming hes over 21).

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i was wondering wat was goin on cuz all i saw was a bunch of cops.
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I live like 7 minutes away...surprised I didn't hear about this.

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Man threatening to jump from four-story building in Fremont
Bay City News Service
Article Launched: 07/17/2007 03:55:55 PM PDT

A Fremont office building is under lockdown as Fremont police attempt to talk a man out of leaping from the top of the four-story structure, according to police.
The building, located at 1860 Mowry Ave., has been on lockdown since police responded to the incident, which was reported at around noon.

Hostage negotiators, detectives and SWAT teams have been called in to help navigate the situation, according to Sgt. Chris Mazzoni.

Mazzoni said that although the suspect claims he is armed, the weapon has yet to be seen.

Mazzoni does not believe that employees in the building face an immediate threat and said that they are free to move around within the building.

"Eventually we will make arrangements to get employees out so they could go home," Mazzoni said.

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