Fresh outta Jail VOL. What did I miss?

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\/ :lol:

I had a DV charge from 2011 (fought this drug addict that is married to my mother).
I took the plea, had 26 DV classes and $1800 in fines. 2 years later and I did 23 classes and paid $300.

So I went to jail to clear it out. I didn't have a choice but it wasn't that bad.

Judge cut my sentence from 45 to 15 because I start school in a month.

It was only 2 weeks.
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How do you not start this thread by telling us why you went to jail.
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Were you tobias beecher or Vern Schillinger
It was city jail, not the pen :rofl:

But there were some CHARACTERS in there.

But what happened after the Trayvon Martin trial? ish like that.

No NT no Reddit no TV no music for 2 weeks.

"I'm lost in this worrrld"
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