FRIDAY the 13th at AVENUE = Got Sole?

Joined Jul 4, 2006
When the event is indirectly benefits, why not...I don't waste anytime when it comes to luring in may not happen immediately...but it always happens.
TEAM I DON'T NEED ONENiketalk's One Man Graphics Shop.
Joined Jul 4, 2006
Just got home.

Event was cool.

I expected a display from Q and Kendel.

Plenty of t-shbirts handed out.
Something you'll all appreciate.
Joined Sep 26, 2006
thanks to everyone who came out...lavan, there was NO room for our display cases so we placed a few kicks around the bar. ian, i gotchu...i'll shoot you a pm when i hear something about em. again, thank you to all who came out.

lavan did you get any tee's???
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