Friend zone? Has anyone overcame this?

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It can be done.

It's a long and tough road, with many obstacles before you.

However most of the time it ends in failure and chances are, it isn't worth it.

Do your best to move on and find someone else.
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To quote myself from a post in another thread
I'd say take the L but there's a way to get out of being Friend Zoned, I wonder why its never been mentioned on NT. Just smash 1 of her friends(she'll be jealous) make it look like you with her but stay ambiguous, that leaves room to make her think she's tempting you to cheat when it actuality it was all your plan. WARNING this is for smashing purposes only I do not recommend pursuing a relationship if that's your aim take the L and stay Friend Zoned. Very few chicks will go for that
1 of the few ways to get out of the friend zone, clearly certain stipulations apply

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i beat the friend zone, anyone can do it with enough perseverance. wasn't worth it in the end though so like that guy said, move on
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I seem to be the exact opposite. I can't find a female friend who doesn't have other ambitions with me. I mean thats cool and all, but I always have tosecond-guess, like does this girl really wanna be cool and chill or w/e, or does she just want me to get her pregnant?

Honestly I find females easier to talk to with certain subjects in my life. Its kinda!**%% to goto my homeboy's about certain problems you know?
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i donno if this is good or bad, but sorta like buggz i cant get into the freind zone

girls i go after, after we done we done

girls that go after me and i let them down, we never talk after

i have no real freinds that are girls
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i overcame it..and boy was that a waste of time..we only lasted a month..we knew eachother for bout 4 years and now we longer talk anymore
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Originally Posted by f3DJam

i donno if this is good or bad, but sorta like buggz i cant get into the freind zone

girls i go after, after we done we done

girls that go after me and i let them down, we never talk after

i have no real freinds that are girls
I was hopin somebody would feel me. It's like they can't handle the emotion after the "extra connection" or move has been made. Its a double edged sword, after hooking up theres no going back, and after being turned down they get theyre feelings hurt, either way they can't handlethe temptation

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i just watched forrest gump again yesterday.

it is, indeed, a tough task to accomplish.
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beat it 1 time..and it wasnt that crackin..i was so dissapointed...

felt like i sliped into the Bat Cave. smh
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i beat the FZ once. it ended kinda ugly at first, but we're really good friends again. i have another girl right now that i'm stuck in the FZ with andi think i stand a good shot at pullin her out
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yes sir!!! lol it took me about a month to get my boyfriend to stop seeing me as a friend... it may be different for guys who are in the "friendzone" but as a girl that was in the friend zone i just became his friend and found things in common with him and eventually he started seeing me otherthen a friend... fast forward to 8 months later and we still doing good.... a great example of LOVERS AND FRIENDS...
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any guy who wants to know if he can elevate his status from "friend" to "friend with benefits" should take the BayBuryYa fool-proof test:

Sexually harrass this female friend on AIM or thru text messages. If she ain't really trippin off your pervertedness, you can get em.

With that said... I succeeded once. Great V-word.

And I'm also trying to escape the FZ in another situation. She basically told me that she would let me beat, but she feels it would seriously harm thefriendship. So I told her that I hereby give up, b/c I really love her as a friend..... (damn, I've went soft)
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I've beaten the friend zone before and it is a long road. It's almost not even worth it considering the fact that it is so long and it almost alwaysends bad.
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holla @ her friends. when she gets jealous (if not overtly, she might be holding it in), move in for the kill...
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if your game is good enough you should never know of the friend zone...and if you do end up in the friend zone dead the chick and mess wit her friend
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I agree that the best way out of the dreaded Friend Zone is to smash a friend or family member, sisters work wonders.
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Real talk i did. It took stupid long tho like 3 or 4 years lol. After we got together i wasnt feeling it so we broke up. Were still best friends to this daytho, but like i said its hard to do but it can be done
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2 posts on the first page about the FriendZone. Not a good look for NT. Someone post the "Take the L and keep it moving" GIF because I'm at work.
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