From NYC to Dorney Park Help

Mar 30, 2005
Hey NT, me and my friends are trying to plan a trip from NYC to Dorney Park.I wanna know whats the best way to get there by either bus or train and once we get there how do we get directly to the park. Any info is appreciated.
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bus is expensive like 40 bucks from port authority if you have a lot of friends i suggest you rent a car
dont think you can take the train there....your best bet is either the bus but id agree with a car..itll save you the headache
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Bus ride from NYC to Allentown was $18 when my uncle came over here 3 months ago.

And its easy to drive there. To go to Dorney from NYC and back is a full tank of gas. It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Most of the drive is on interstate-78 in NJ.

Dorney is so overrated anyway. It's cheaper than 6 flags, but not better.
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