FRUITION Unveiling New Product For Sole Collector

neek supreme

Nov 10, 2004
FRUITION Unveiling New Product For Sole Collector

Peace from FRUITION! Wanted to let everyone know that if you are in Vegas for the Sole Collector event this weekend that we will be open on Sunday, 7/23 (EXCLUSIVELY FOR THE EVENT) and will be dropping some new surprises at the shop! So come through, chill, and be amazed as we unveil some pristine gems for all of you Nike and Jordan fans! Hopefully, we get to meet all of you very soon!

4139 S. Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 796-4139
What up Neek? I was there (kinda late though) I was the one talkin to you about SC and my homie brought the event shoes in his backpack...

I copped the OG Ultra Force High's.... I might need to get on of those Pippen T's... Good stuff as always...

^ hey man enjoy those shoes!

For all of those who came thru this busy week and from the sole collector event.

We greatly appreciate you guys comming in, and we look forward on seeing you guys in the near future

oh and please peep our site FRUITIONLV.COM for updates on our collections page and our blog !

ps. Big ups to Tommy Rebel for comming thru!

heading out there this week neek ill be with some type of jordans on look forward to seeing ur spot ...also if u can get back at me with the best night spots to go to birthday coming up and planning on making it one hell of a trip
I went there almost a year ago and loved it. I'll be up in Vegas Aug. 15-22 staying at the Polo Towers, so I'm sure I'll stop by. Ya'll were supposed to find my girl some old-school puma's though. No big deal though, it was a while back. How is your sneaker selection looking.
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