Fun Fact: Sagging your pants is a way of life....well, according to Tron (vid)

Joined Oct 6, 2008
those people SERIOUSLY sag there pants and they walk funny as hell. I sag my pants but they obviously must have been ALL over new york tryna get a shot like that. THAT or they just hire people to sag their pants that low.
Joined Jan 25, 2008
Stop the Sag

isnt their anything more important to spend tax payer money than to stopping sagging pants SMH
Joined Apr 1, 2009
What the Senator fails to realize is that his ad campaign will only make more people sag in a rebellious response to "the establishment".
Joined Nov 30, 2007
I half sag I buy 36 waist jeans and ima 32 and wear a belt on the very first notch and they sit halfway down my butt at most it feels mad comfy to me n thas all I care bout.

 to dudes who got them round the back of there knees ive never understood that its like tiein ya ankles together but its there choice.

I do me if im dressing in dress pants or a suit they round my waist if im casual ill sag it dont mean nuthin about u its just ya personal style n how u feel comfy peeps read way to much into this crap my god.

Joined May 16, 2009
I only sag a little, but I laugh when I see those who sags half way down and shows their whole underwear garment.

"Like ___ please, pull up your damn pants! Ain't nobody trying to see your butt dawg.
Joined Oct 17, 2002
- Lately, on the rare instance when I see human's sagging, the sag is ridiculous, much worse then back in the 90's / early 00's.

- We used to sag the pants just below the waistline, the belt would rest on the top of the buttocks (nh).  Now, these rascals have the belt secured below the buttocks, almost beneath the boxers entirely; in an area directly above the knees.



Joined Nov 13, 2003
Time to grow up a dress like a big boy. I can't even take you serious if you dress like that. It looks ridiculous
Joined Dec 29, 2008
i only go with a very slight sag, hate having pants way up on my waist, but if i have to dress up then i wont sag at all
Joined Jul 26, 2006
people are getting shot up on the daily and saggin is what they are worried about? smh
Joined Jan 23, 2008
Some saggin is OD but honestly a light sag is a lot more comfortable then just wearing them on my waist....

But either way these dudes are sick for being bothered that much by what people are wearing...

But its cool for these 60 year old men to go outside jogging in the summertime with no shirt and shorts the size of boxers I guess
Joined Mar 6, 2005
These ninjas worried about sagging ur pants, glad my tax paying money is goin towards something useful, besides fixing up roads in brooklyn,  fixing up parks, or even my money goin towards schools. I'll just worry about someone sagging their pants, which would greatly benefit this great state NY.


Joined Jan 2, 2007
pause for making this observation, but how are you STILL sagging with a belt on.

that's like walking around with your shoes untied.
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