GA heads...School me on your state!!!

Sep 19, 2006
Just moved out here from the California.. Currently stayin at a lodge in Catersville..

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i'm not from GA but i've been down there quite a bit....atl is the @#%$ though.....cant wait till i move down there....i'll prob. move to commerce or somethin
^oh ok.. Anybody know if/where there is a cannabis club in GA?
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lol cannabis club. uh, just come to the city limits, you'll find a "club" alright.

so what u need to know???. i gave u a quick rundown in your CA-GA forum.
Where are the malls located? Where do people kick it at?
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haha why do people ask "Where do folks Kick it?"
My dude Atlanta aint like some small town, ATL is spreaded out like hell, so people on diffrent parts will tell you diffrent things
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town center mall is right down 75 for you.
in the city.. lenox and phipps plaza(upscale.. gucci, tiffany, saks 5th, and NT ATL) in buckhead, Greenbriar aka the shoe mall, SW Atlanta. South Dekalb, out i-20, Candler rd. South dekalb = greenbriar pt. 2. A little closer is Cumberland Mall. Its down 75 off highway 41\cobb parkway. Other malls im not familiar with : Discover Mills, Stonecrest, Northlake, Northpoint, Southlake.

im not 18 so i kick it at hs parties. bowling alley.

ppl>18.. clubs. lots of clubs.. Atlantic Station downtown.
I'm about to hit this club tonight.. Runaround I think.. Bymyself too.. Lol, oh well..
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Whenever I am down in the A (I currently live in Athens because I go to UGA although I am from Stone Mountain), I always hit up MJQ's on Friday nights. Classic hip-hop spinning all night (no mainstream stuff) and they always have a good mix of people there. Just make sure to take cash, because they only accept cash.

But yes, the ATL is quite spread out. Some cats prefer Atlantic Station, a few still mess with Buckhead, still more hit Sutra, Compound and spots like that, and others keep it moving to the westside and hit spots like the Pool Palace, I mean there are so many places it just depends on where you live and where you want to hang out. It also depends on the scene you prefer as well. Each spot has a certain and distinct type of clientele. For instance, cats who mess with the [Virginia] Highlands probably are not the same cats who can be found at spots on the westside. Well, thats my two cents. Indeed.
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^UGA sneakerhead??... hm... how do u keep that up?... sorry for the change of topic...
its just ive got 2 weeks to decide between UGA or GA state...
state is downtown, right in the heart, alot goin on, and sneaker are right around the corner...
now athens, i dunno...
heeeelllpppp.... please... i need opinions...
athens aint that far from atl.. u can just drive down from there.. i think it's like 45 mins or something. i go to ga state. it's pretty cool. all different types of people and cultures.
If you are basing you decision on where to go to college on which college/city gives you best access to sneakers, then I personally think that is quite problematic. Rather, your decision should be based on which school is better, especially with regards to your intended major. UGA is a better school than Ga State in various academic aspects, but I am sure there are certain programs at State that are better than UGAs. And then there is Ga Tech that is one of the premiere tech schools in the nation, so again, the best school is very dependent on what your program of study is.

State is a commuter school, and does not have a true college atmosphere in the sense that most cats that go there live all over Atlanta and therefore it does foster the same atmosphere as UGA does. Still, going to State provides you with access to all the wonders of the ATL, which far surpass what we have in Athens. You also have numerous other schools in the metropolitan area (all the HBCs, Ga Tech, etc) so there are a plethora of college age cats in the area. Atlanta has more clubs, more to do, a more varied (demographically) population, etc. But, Athens does have its perks. Athens has a plethora of bars (over 100) in a very small area that is basically 5 or 6 blocks downtown, unlike the ATL where everything is spread out. Drinking is also absurdly cheaper in Athens than the in the ATL. UGA also has pretty good football team, in the SEC nonetheless, and football is basically God up here, and going to games (along with gaming culture such as tailgating) is fun stuff. Sanford Stadium (the UGA football stadium) seats over 90,000 people (that is A LOT, esp. considering that the Georgia Dome only seats around 70,000). UGAs student population is lass varied demographically though. Again, being that Atlanta is only an hour drive away, I still go down pretty often for concerts (such as the recent Nas concert) and to hit certain clubs with my ATL peeps on occasion. There are numerous other perks to both the ATL and the ATH that I do not feel like listing because it would take forever. I suggest visiting both schools and talking to students as well as seeing for yourself what they are like.

As for getting sneakers in Athens, you can still get the regular stuff like GR Jordans and whatnot, but you are not going to find any spot up here that have a LS account or any place that has the newest Forces and Dunks. Atlanta is only an hour drive away, so if there is some sneaker that I am fiending for then I will just make the drive and cop or get some of my peoples in the A to buy it for me. I am down in the ATL a good bit on the weekends anyhow, so its not that big of a deal for me. Also, I personally for the most part only mess with older/vintage kicks, so my main sources for those types of shoes are Ebay or forums like NT.

I hope that helps.


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i mean its not all based on kicks... its just that plays a small role in deciding... because ive tried to weigh out all other aspects...
and the biggest ordeal seems to be money, but i kinda didnt do any scholarships (oops)... because ive been excepted to both, and like an idiot i didn apply to ga tech, altho they sent me an application waiver...
if i go to state, i basically have a part time job or two lined up... if i go to uga, nothing that i know of...
but i do kinda want the college experience of UGA...
only 12 days to make a decision... uh oh...
all i know is that i get no respect a Ga State...i wear some 3rd series heat and no one stares...

SMH at my school...some dude will be walking right beside me in some fake @#%$ and he getting the stares....SMH at Georgia.
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all i know is that i get no respect a Ga State...i wear some 3rd series heat and no one stares...
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Atlanta is where it's at. It's mad live there. Savannah is a pretty nice city. SAV has more of a "retirement" atmosphere.

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what im trying to say is that dudes need history lessons...trying to jump in the shoe game and not knowing they roots.

im talking bout me wearing jedi's neon laces and everything and still dudes is lacking.
FS--DMPs size 11.5 DS and ICY: $750

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