Game Speaks On why he Dislikes Jay-Z

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Game Explains The Origin Of His Dislike For Jay-Z

Chuck Taylor says that a negative experience with Hov turned him off from the emcee.

Game has lashed out at Jay-Z several times in the past, most recently firing shots at Hov on his diss track “Uncle Otis.
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His album has 0 buzz so he'll be talking out of his **% more than usual this month
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Well I yelled at the %!$+% and he spoke back to me. 

Game probably came off as a groupie tho 
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Originally Posted by thekillerj23

OP thinking it's 2003-2005 with all the 50/Game postings
#!@%# has been stuck in '03-'05 for a while now. Don't forget the Dre/Em/anything Aftermath and Shady related.

@@$+ bwoi.
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I watched that interview Game had with DJ Envy, and Game contradicted himself so many times, you would've
thought DJ Envy was interviewing 12 people. Game needs to actually make good music and shut the ^@ up.
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"It's not personal" ... It must be if you're still salty over something that happened 7 years ago. Silly rappers and their contradictions.
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I used to be a fan of Game I still am but this dude is a clown honestly this dude stay dissin people & then want to come apologize after

I don't even think Jay is concerned about Game anymore. I don't even think he Bi-polar I think Game does stuff for attention. 
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