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Its been a minute since Ive started a thread but I have a friend of mine who has started a new site and I wanted to help promote it for him.

Armoured Dragon

Armoured dragon is a website created to give users a better understanding in the gaming world. It explains the type of consoles and accessories there are, what their purpose is and where they are avaliable. It also give viewers the power to have their say and become a reporter on the latest games, consoles or accessories for XBOX, PS3 & Wii as soon as they are annouced and or hit the market. Armoured Dragon gives you the chance to get your name out there as a famous reporter which you can inform viewers about what you think of the latest craze in the gaming industry. We exist to help anyone create the ultimate gaming experience by helping them decided which consoles for them, what accessories they need to buy for a game and of course what game is right for them. We look forward to providing you all these services now and in future years.

What I want is your feedback, comments, and support to help this site rise to its full potential. Please sign up if your an avid gamer and give us your honest opinion to help the site improve. I know in the past I've been commended, flamed and everything in-between and I love it! so just be honest and help a one armed brothers mate out!

This site is operated from Australia. Its tropical, always sunny, and the women are beautiful so sign up to a gaming site with a bit of Southern Hemisphere style 

Please pass this on to anyone you know. Its just starting out so please give it some well deserved attention.

Thanks in advance

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Your content should be what stands out the most, think tiers in terms of what order you want your information to be read. And the link you posted goes directly back to this thread.
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the background is hella annoying, and distracting. Like someone said, the content should stand out, and it doesnt.
you should revamp the layout.
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goodluck with the site..

i hope you cover online games too.,
mmoprg's on private servers and whatnot

i know people who are constantly lookin for those

again goodluck
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