[| -- "Gang Nation" Documentary Of Violence & Gang Wars In Jamaica (VIDEO) -- |]

Joined Jan 4, 2008
Damn, you can feel the stress, and anxiety in the neighborhoods in that video. Feels like it was gonna pop off anytime. Every 6 hours......
Joined Nov 26, 2005
its all bad in the JA, i surley dont remember it being like this. My cousins best friend got deported back home there and with in a week he was shot multipletimes in the head. smh, terrafied to go back even for a visit.
Joined Jul 1, 2008
I watched that whole video...talk about keepin' me on the edge of my seat......I dozed off a few times tho haha. But this is wild.....mad sad.

Near the end when he has the meeting with the Don is crazy too. You see that firepower?! It's really sad that he knows that he has a little chance oflivin' beyond 30. And my man at 40:35 had the ninja mask out of the shirt hahahaha I used to do that when I was a kid.
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