Gatchaman (G-Force) Live Action Trailer

Joined Dec 7, 2010
Pretty much. Unfortunately I wasn't able to watch the original (Gatchaman), just the G-Force one. Anyways, looks good. Hoping it's as good as Samurai X movie.

I think there's also going to be a movie remake of Tiger Mask as well.
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Joined Feb 15, 2009
g-force was that show :pimp: :pimp: :pimp:

def watching this. these JDM live action movies translate well from anime counter parts. word the samurai x live action movie.
Joined Jul 30, 2011
I looooved that cartoon. Predated Robotech...

Always thought Pacific Rim reminder me of Tranzor Z...
Joined Aug 8, 2007
Wow I used to love G-Force back in the day. Forgot all about that show. Looks :pimp:
Joined May 22, 2009
I would take this over the american summer junk anyday, me and my father would watch this everyday when I was a kid.... Wish I could have and those days back
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