Gatman and Robin is Wack

Who's ever thought this song was decent?

Just one of the many songs keeping The Massacre from being a very good album.
lol we were just clowning one of my friends the other day cuz he said he liked this track

Never heard the song, never heard OF it, not gonna watch the youtube link posted but still:

Snoop Dogg, Lady of Rage, RBX - "Batman & Robin" >> this Em & 50 song with similar title

The Massacre was a beautifully produced album, but the actual rapping made me cop the insturmental. Even ski mask way is my shiggedy
50 and Em have nothing but heat together, yet ya wanna emphasize on the 1 bad song instead of the good..

Patiently Waiting
Dont Push Me
Bump Heads
We All Die Someday
Jimmy Crack Corn
The Re-Up
You Don't Know
Never Enough
Hail Mary

Stop complaining and appreciate the GOOD music.
i remember when i first heard this cd. It did NOT make it on the ipod

I had no idea there was a video for this song
I didn't even know a video was made for this garbage. I think I was better off not knowing...
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