Gawad Kalinga or victims of typhoon Reming?

i would go for the typhoon victims first. their need is more immediate and greater at this point.

GK is pretty stable right now - i'm not saying they couldn't use the additional funding because they could - but i also know that they're getting support from a lot of different organizations at the moment; have been for quite some time now, and god-willing will continue to do so. they've got some form of shelter set up at the moment, which most of the typhoon victims don't.
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Well here's the thing about donating to the victims of the typhoon...

There's no guarantee that the money will reach them. The government has already alloted 1 billion pesos as relief fund. Sad as it may sound but the reality is, a lot of devious people will take advantage of this unfortunate situation to fatten their pockets. There's no way around this unless I get some help in personally bringing stuff to the different affected areas in Bicol.
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There are plenty of organizations moving to help the typhoon victims. If you have the time, find a small, not popular institution. Imho, this is the best option. When funds allow, we give to small orphanages and small schools being run by private groups providing free schooling to underprivileged kids.

A few months ago we gave a little amount, some toys, some medicine, and some school supplies to Makabata School Foundation in Pasig. They might be an option for you, KC.



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