Gears of War 3 revealed tonight on Jimmy Fallon... *Trailer in OP*

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The day they fix lag would be the day i'd play gears again.

Plus the HOST power on that game is insane!


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Originally Posted by reener

The day they fix lag would be the day i'd play gears again.

Plus the HOST power on that game is insane!
This. If there is any game that needs a multiplayer beta, it is Gears. 
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there's a new enemy type that even the Horde will be fighting against. Looks like years have passed since the last game and the few remaining survivors were victims of the Hammer of Dawn.

Anyway the multiplayer needs to be overhauled. It had way too many problems (majority host and server related). Like MW2, more people were still on the predecessor than the newer version.
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damn. I still haven't even played the 2nd one yet
. oh well, I do have a year to catch up before the 3rd one drops
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Originally Posted by Boomatic206

I'm a have to start playing GOW 2 again.

But damn, a whole year though?
would have been fall, like most GOW releases but project natal is coming out this fall so they wanted no distractions
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Originally Posted by sbrar8

is that Dom with a beard? or is it... Marcus' dad!!
nice music btw
I believe it could be marcus' dad, in part 2 remember at the end of the credits all u see is a red screen and him saying "what have you done" and that was his hint of the dad being in part 3
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i ditched perfect dark for gear 1, then ditches gears 1 for halo3, then ditched halo 3 for gears 2, now Im dicthing modern warfare for gear 3
thats been my rythm since launch lol
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